Savor All-Purpose Seasoning – 8 oz Shaker (Original Label)

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Use Savor All-Purpose Seasoning in place of salt on meat and veggies before they hit the grill.  Add a sprinkle to soups, pasta, sauces and casseroles, and watch them disappear from the plates of refined palates and picky children alike.

We carefully select only the finest, natural ingredients to create our Savor All-Purpose Seasoning; as a result, some clumping may occur.

Ingredients:  Salt, Spices, Onion, and Garlic.

All Natural, No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients.  Gluten & MSG Free

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9 reviews for Savor All-Purpose Seasoning – 8 oz Shaker (Original Label)

  1. Devin (verified owner)

    Savor is a family favorite! We use it on just about everything we cook and it brings out the best in every dish. My friends and family always compliment the meals – I think it’s mostly because of Savor!

  2. sara

    I was introduced to Savor in 2010 (seasoned the chicken wings, asparagus and salad at a BBQ) and was instantly hooked! We use it anytime something calls for salt and pepper. Everyone I know has a shaker in their cupboard thanks to us! Buy the shaker and a pound or two…you will use it up fast!

  3. Linda

    My twin boys have amazing pallets. I owe it all to Savor. My kids will eat broccoli, Kale, chard, brussel sprouts, fish, salads, eggs, everything and anything. I suggest tossing your veggies in Savor and olive oil, then roasting them in the oven. I get my boys to eat all vegetables this way. We use it every day in our household. I wouldn’t know what to do without it. Thank you Savor!!!

  4. Kelli

    A day doesn’t pass that the Savor shaker doesn’t come out of my spice cupboard. I personally love a baked potato with a little butter and a few shakes of Savor. My two young daughters gobble up vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, and carrots, thanks to Savor. Savor has elevated the flavor of so many of my favorite recipes. I am truly a better cook because of Savor!

  5. Amy D

    I’m officially obsessed with Savor All-Purpose Seasoning! I bought a small shaker at Porch Fest in Dallas and needless to say, all my spices in the cabinet are collecting dust because I use Savor for absolutely everything! I’ve never had one seasoning be so versatile and bring out the flavor no matter what I’m cooking. I’m stocking up as we speak for myself and Christmas gifts for family! Y’all are awesome!

  6. mrslindseynelson

    Savor seasoning goes on anything and adds a wonderful and delicious flavor! I use it religiously and would highly recommend it. My personal favorite is to add Savor on green beans!

  7. Linda (verified owner)

    Use Savor on ANYTHING! It adds such a delicious flavor. I discovered it several years ago when I was on one of those crazy diets where I only ate zucchini and other vegetables. It added zip and flavor like nothing I’d tried before! I am hooked, and when the product suddenly wasn’t available at my local store, I hunted until I found it. Once you’ve tried it you’ll buy it by the bag!

  8. Maria

    I’ve been using Savor for years, almost daily. Anything that calls for salt/pepper gets Savor instead. I use it on sandwiches, eggs, vegetables, meat. It really makes a noticeable difference. So much so that my children’s friends mention how great my food is to their parents who then call me to ask how I made whatever it was. It’s not my talents, it’s literally the Savor.

  9. Findley family

    My daughters bought our first seasoning at the state fair. We loved it so much and how it enhanced the flavor of everything we used it in we had to find where we could purchase more. Love this product!

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