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Originally developed for the grill, it’s the perfect blend of salt and spices that brings out the best in anything it touches.  Add a sprinkle to soups, pastas, sauces, stews and casseroles and watch them disappear from the plates of refined palates and picky children alike.

“I’ve never had one seasoning be so versatile and bring out the flavor no matter what I’m cooking.”

-Amy D., Oklahoma City, OK


“The rub is the best I have ever had or made.”

-Matt B., Dallas, TX

Uncle Larry's

“I’ve never had one seasoning be so versatile and bring out the flavor no matter what I’m cooking. I’m stocking up as we speak for myself and Christmas gifts for family! Y’all are awesome!”

– Amy D.

“My two young daughters gobble up vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, and carrots, thanks to Savor.  I am truly a better cook because of Savor!”

-Kelli C.

“This stuff kicks a**!  I’ve used it on brisket, chicken, burgers… it’s great on everything.  I’ll never use anything else.”

– Tim L.

“Off the scale great!!”

– Pearce & Tristan (8 & 6yrs old)




Our Recipes

Savor brings out the flavor in all of your favorite foods.  Wherever you use salt and pepper, replace it with Savor to bring out the best in every meal.  To get you inspired, we’ve posted some  great recipes for you and your family to enjoy.  Add a sprinkle to just about any dish and watch it disappear from the plates of refined palates and picky children alike.

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Families & Foodies

Made by our family, for yours


Devin, Harper & Ashley Hajek

Savor All-Purpose Seasoning is proudly made in Texas with no artificial ingredients, MSG, preservatives, and is gluten-free.  It’s a family friendly food seasoning that brings out the best in everything it touches!  Use it anywhere you’d use salt and impress your foodie friends and watch broccoli disappear from your child’s plate.

Hi, we are Devin and Ashley (and Harper) Hajek. For the past 10 years, we’ve lived our passion for cooking through recipe development, marketing, and food photography for food and wine clients across the country. Now, from our new base in Allen, Texas, we’ve inherited Savor All-Purpose Seasoning from Devin’s aunt and uncle Janis & Larry Frey.

Savor is the kitchen child of Devin’s aunt and uncle, Janis and Larry Frey. Janis, who after her culinary training in Seattle became a California wine country chef, and Larry, who is a certified barbecue judge for the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association, developed Savor as an all-in-one seasoning when they got tired of dragging out dozens of bottles of spices every time they fired up the grill or turned on the range.

Family members who ate at their table begged them for their own supply, and soon they were mixing large batches frequently as the word spread to friends and neighbors. Now, with their attention focused on other opportunities, Janis and Larry have turned over Savor to us and we’re introducing Texas and the world to Savor.

For years our family has used this seasoning to make great food for adults and kids alike. Now we want to help you add our family secret seasoning to your own kitchen. Use it on all meats and veggies, basically wherever you would use salt, use Savor instead and be prepared for no leftovers!

Janis & Larry Frey, Founders of Savor All-Purpose Seasoning