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Savor brings out the flavor in all of your favorite foods.  Wherever you use salt and pepper, replace it with Savor to bring out the best in every meal.  To get you inspired, we’ve posted some  great recipes for you and your family to enjoy.  Add a sprinkle to just about any dish and watch it disappear from the plates of refined palates and picky children alike.

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Savor Everything!

SAVOR is the kitchen-child of Janis and Larry Frey. With the kids out of the house, Janis and Larry moved from CA to WA in 1994 and decided to take their passion for food to the next step.

Janis became a chef through the Culinary Program at the Art Institute of Seattle and worked both at cooking schools and as a private chef. She has also worked as a recipe tester and recipe developer for cookbooks and now works on small catering projects. For the past 6 years Janis has honed her skills in running and cooking in wood-fired ovens. Larry indulged his passion for the grill, often persevering even through snowstorms. He became a certified barbecue judge (he’s more proud of his BBS—Bachelor of BBQ Science–title than he is his college degree) with the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association and acquired several odd-looking barbecue apparatuses of his own.


Between the two of them, Janis and Larry did a lot of grilling … which meant a lot of seasoning. But they got tired of hauling bottles and bottles and bottles of spices outside.  So they created and tweaked and perfected a seasoning mix that they could use on anything Larry tossed on the grill. Then came the big discovery: their seasoning mix was darn good even off the grill. On eggs, in sauces, in tuna fish … you name it.

Janis and Larry started making the mix in bulk both for their own use and to give to friends. Fifteen pounds at a time would fly out the door and reports started rolling in of spouses giving compliments at the dinner table and children eating their broccoli. Needless to say, word spread. The Pacific Northwest was hooked.

In 2004 when the Freys moved again (this time to Healdsburg, CA for twin grandsons), SAVOR fans followed. Calls came in, orders piled up, bulk spices took over the kitchen.  So Janis decided to bottle it for everyone.

Now you know we’re not kidding when we say … Wherever you use salt, SAVOR makes it better.

Janis and Larry love food and fun with family and friends; they truly Savor Everything. “Our hope is that you will enjoy our seasoning when preparing food for your family and friends – Savor Everything!”.   – Janis & Larry Frey.